We allow user to specify where to show their embedded app. This includes:

  1. Entity Type
  2. Location
  3. Advanced Config

Embedded App Setting

Entity Type

We support 5 entity types:

  1. Lead
  2. Person
  3. Company
  4. Opportunity
  5. Project


We support 4 locations for now:

  1. Sidebar
  2. Activity Panel
  3. Action Bar
  4. Profile



Normally when we load an embedded app the url would be like:

If you specified html5Mode: true, it will become


By default, when switching to a new route in prosperworks app, we will send a event to your app. So you can do

sdk.on('contextUpdated', function () {
  // here's your code to handle it

However, if you do not want to handle the event, you want to refresh your app instead. You can specify this config refreshOnContextUpdate: true, so we will refresh for you every time when the app changes route/context.


By turning voip: true, all the phone number in prosperworks becomes clickable. When user click it, you will be able to subscribe a event called phoneNumberClicked. e.g.

sdk.on('phoneNumberClicked', function ({ number }) {
  // do something with number


By default we do not allow http url to be used in embedded app. If you do need it, e.g. for you local development, you could turn allowHttp: true, so we will support it. However, the browser might still block you from seeing it. You probably need to click the small icon in right most of your browser's address bar and click allow run unsafe script.


This is allowing you to verify your parent frame is actually prosperworks. Please see more deatils in Secure Example

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